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Eileen Gu headshot image

Eileen Gu

San Francisco, Calif.
San Francisco, Calif.
San Francisco, Calif.
5' 6"
115 lb
Freeski Alumni , Freeski Alumni

USASA Series: North Tahoe Series

What is your favorite memory as a competitor?
landing my first 360 at USASA nationals when I was 9 :)

When you're not not skiing or snowboarding, what are you doing for fun?
Running XC and going to the beach.

If you could be a Disney character, who would you be and why?
Winnie the pooh. A little honey never hurts

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Team Info

  • Squaw Valley Freestyle and Freeride Team
  • San Francisco University High School
  • Years on Team: 1
  • Years on Team: 1


U.S Revolution Tour
1st, SS, 2018 U.S. Revolution Tour at Park City
1st, HP, 2018 U.S. Revolution Tour at Park City

1st, SS, 2018 USASA Freeski National Championships
1st, HP, 2018 USASA Freeski National Championships 
1st, SS, 2018 USASA North Tahoe Series at Northstar
1st, SS, 2017 USASA Freeski National Championships 
1st, HP, 2017 USASA Freeski National Championships 
1st, SS, 2017 USASA North Tahoe Series at Boreal
1st, SS, 2015 USASA Freeski National Championships 
1st, SS, 2013 USASA Freeski National Championships 
2nd, HP, 2013 USASA Freeski National Championships

5th, SS, 2018 Junior World Championships
5th, HP, 2018 Junior World Championships
3rd, HP, 2018 Aspen Snowmass Freeskiing Open
4th, SS,  2018 Aspen Snowmass Freeskiing Open
1st, SS, 2018 Australia New Zealand Slopestyle Cup
1st, SS, 2017 Bjorn Thorsen Memorial
1st, HP, 2017 Bjorn Thorsen Memorial