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Countdown to the 2022 Olympic Winter Games
Coach Certification - Level 200

Coach Certification - Level 200

The Level 200 Certification course is designed for the coach working with athletes in phases 3, 4 and 5 of the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Training Systems.  Phase 3 marks the typical entry point to formal competition for many athletes.  Phases 4 and 5 follow the athlete into regional and national level competition.  The Level 200 coach should have the knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully support and train athletes through these critical phases of development. 


  • Must have completed Level 100 certification (on-snow clinic, online exam, First Aid and CPR on file), or have a current PSIA Level 3 certification and have completed the Level 100 Alpine Ski Fundamentals Exam, and
  • Have attended the Introduction to Course Setting Clinic or  Submit a course setting recommendation form signed by a Level 300 or higher coach or Level 2 or higher referee or chief of race. 
Level 200 Alpine Clinics

The Level 200 Alpine Technique and Tactics course is a 3-day course designed to build on the Alpine Ski Fundamentals introduced in the Level 100 clinic and on basic course setting principles.  We will introduce racing tactics, and discuss its relationship with a racer's ability, the course and technical skills.  Progressions will be presented that span all of our training modalities, from freeskiing through drills in gates and outside of gates and into race simulation training.  Coaches will learn new gate drills to accomplish technical and tactical goals and will gain experience in setting these.  Classroom discussion following the on-hill sessions will cover a more in depth discussion of tactics, course setting, course inspection, course reports, and race day planning.  At the end of the clinic, coaches will have a strong understanding of the relationship between technique and tactics and will have a broad range of drills and exercises they can use to teach these skills.  In addition, coaches will learn how to be more effective on race day to help their athletes perform with confidence and consistency.

At the conclusion of this course, participants will

  • Understand the relationship between technique and tactics
  • Understand how several environmental variables impact tactics
  • Be able to prescribe appropriate drills to teach athletes technical and tactical skills in both freeski and gate environments
  • Gain hands on experience in setting gate drills
  • Apply the USSA planning principles to set up training that can achieve the desired training or competition outcome
  • Help athletes put together a race day plan and set strategies for more consistent race performances

PRICE: $270 (U.S. Ski & Snowboard members only). Includes on-snow and indoor clinic, clinic participant materials, and alpine training environment and tactics manuals and online exams. Lift tickets are additional (most resorts offer discounted lift tickets to participants).  

You can complete these additional requirements before or after you take the level 200 on-snow clinic:

  1. Certification Requirments: updated CPR & First Aid, Heads Up Concussion, Introduction to Avalance and SafeSport Training 
  2. NEW L200 REQUIREMENTS will be available in October 2021

In-person preliminary schedule will be available end of October 

Alpine Course Setting

The Introduction to Course Setting clinic is designed as an introductory level course where coaches can practice and learn about basic course setting, focused primarily on GS and slalom setting skills. It is for coaches who have little or no course setting experience, but coaches who have been setting and want a refresher and feedback on their setting are welcome as well.  Each participant will have the chance to set a course in GS and slalom with feedback and guidance from the clinic instructor.  A classroom session will review key course setting concepts, rules and safety.  The primary objective of this clinic is to give coaches basic knowledge and confidence to begin course setting in the club environment, gaining experience through more practice on their own.

PRICE: $75 for U.S. Ski & Snowboard members only.  Includes clinic and participant materials (course setting documents). Does not include lift ticket (most ski areas offer discounted lift tickets to clinic participants).

The registration closing date is firm, NO registration will be taken after this date.  Registration closes at 5pm EASTERN time on the date listed.

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Course setting recommendation submission form.